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Done, and with only minimal emotional scarring…
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As some of you may have noticed :icon4everevergreen: and I have been on a D&D / DnD kick lately. We've got two DM'd teams (About to be three) and a bakers dozen of players making character sheets and Dungeoning with their online pals, not to mention the fan art.

So for the sake of simplicity I'm making this group; I'll put resources and links in the information section, upload all that tasty art everyone's making into one place, and use it to announce streams and stuff without pestering all those people who don't care to go dragoning with us.

See you on the tabletop, just don't drink the books.

Dice: [link]

Player's Handbook: [link]

Homebrew Races: [link]

And for the rest of the books (Which are a lot) you can just ask me for them on skype, cuz it's better if you just download the ones you personally might need. Downloading them all is just crazy e.e

We'll also be tweaking and adding to the games mechanics in certain places. Healing mechanics for instance will be changed a bit, but the bigger thing is probably the "Profession System" we're putting in, not a requirement just a little extra we've decided to implement:

Profession skills:

Any given Player Character can train in up to 2 professional skills at a time and can retrain into any other profession(s) or increase training in a current profession when they find a Professional Master who is willing to teach them.
Each professional skill may be trained up to 3 times, with each successive training granting a + 5 bonus to rolls, and a +1 to passive bonuses the profession provides.

Some Professional Skills share common traits with traditional Skills and as such gain the Ability Modifiers associated with those skills, but only for a single Skill the Player has trained in. A Hunting roll for example can benefit from the Player's Dex Modifier if they are also trained in Stealth.

Professions use skill rolls to determine success of a given attempt as follows: d20 roll + Ability Modifier + Training Bonuses + Half your Level + Related Skill modifier.

Survivalism (Con) - Shelter creation, wilderness knowledge, scouting - Increases Primal, Will
Nature, Diplomacy, Intimidate

Smithing (Str) - Weapon creation, armor creation, prospecting - Increases Martial, Heavy AC
Dungeoneering, Atheletics, Endurance

Crafting (Dex) - Enchanting, carving, tailoring - Increases Divine, Light AC
Arcana, Heal, Streetwise

Firework (Int) - Cooking, fire making, butchering - Increases Arcane / Psionic, Saving throws
Endurance, History, Insight

Hunting (Wis) - Fishing / hunting game, finding water, weather prediction - Increases Ranged, Ref
Acrobatic, Bluff, Stealth

Harvesting (Cha) - Getting plant matter, herbal remedies, animal farming - Increases Healing, Fort
Perception, Religion, Thievery
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Dec 22, 2012


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